Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Event: Bill Granger

"My favourite all-time question is 'Are your teeth real?' and the answer is 'Yes!'"

Whilst the wind was blowing a gale outside the ILVE showroom last night in downtown Leichhardt, inside was only the gentle and tantalising waft of Asian flavours produced by chef extraordinaire and all round good bloke, Bill Granger.

"Life is distracting and time taken at the end of the day to eat together is important."

In his new book Bill's Everyday Asian, Bill entices us to import a range of Asian flavours into our everyday cooking and last night he proved that not only can the process be quick and easy, but bloody tasty too. Cooking a Mild Curry Chicken with Cucumber salad, thrown together from a range of recipes included in his new book, Bill impressed on us that recipes don't need to be set in stone, but can be tweaked according to what you have available in your pantry and whilst it's important to
include authentic asian flavours, one can do so without having to rack up a shopping list as long as the Great Wall of China.

Like most Australians, Bill loves to eat simple and fresh.  He touted Australians as some of the most adventurous and easy eaters mainly because of our multicultural population.  He obviously hasn't met my Dad, but then my Dad has yet to meet Bill's Everyday Asian - that'll sway him.

After leaving us with some incredibly useful tips (from which mortar and pestel is best to invection versus gas), and teased us with news of his new restaurant in Notting Hill (but wouldn't reveal its name...), Bill then signed everybody's book while they nibbled on (oh my gosh) melt in your mouth Ginger Fudge. What a night!

"Jamie Oliver is so successful because he's genuine."

One could say the same about Bill.

Signed copies of Bill's Everyday Asian are available here.
You can find out about Bill Granger, his restaurants and books at

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