Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Nikki Gemmell Visit

Nikki Gemmell visited us at Shearer's with her gorgeous son, Jago to sign some copies of her new book.

Over coffee, we discussed With My Body, which is a continuation on the extremely controversial and conversation-starting themes she explored in The Bride Stripped Bare.

Our conversation mirrored so many others that Shearer's staff have been having in the store since With My Body hit our shelves.  We covered topics such as sex and our reluctance to talk about it truthfully, sexual taboos, feminisim and the changing public perception of women's roles in the face of misogynist comments in the popular media.

Nikki also talked about the exciting challenges ahead for authors to create stories which challenge and entice the tech-savvy generation.

To hear more about Nikki's writing and With My Body, watch this terrific interview with Leigh Sales from the 7.30 Report.

With My Body by Nikki Gemmell is available here.

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