Monday, 6 February 2012

Currawalli Street by Christopher Morgan

Christopher Morgan’s first novel, The Island of Four Rivers, is characterised by a distinct humour and inherent sense of hope - qualities that carry through to Morgan’s second novel, Currawalli Street.

Following three generations of families living along Currawalli Street from 1914 – 1972, Morgan creates a touching and engaging story about friendship, secrets and love through characters whose lives are punctuated and shaped by war. It is a modern classic that gently draws you in on the first page and stays with you well after the last.

To celebrate and support Currawalli Street’s  release, Allen and Unwin are donating 50 cents from every copy sold to charities selected by various bookstores. We at Shearer’s have chosen Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) - a not-for-profit organisation committed to helping people on the autism spectrum achieve their potential. Aspect builds confidence and capacity with people on the autism spectrum, their families and their communities by providing services such as educational outreach, a parent support network and family and information services.


Currawalli Street is available now and thanks to Allen & Unwin, 50 cents from every copy sold in Shearer's Bookshop will go to Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect).

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