Sunday, 18 March 2012

Kelly Doust and her Vintage Life

  Kelly Doust, Sydney fashionista and Vintage Queen, will be joining us at Shearer's Bookshop this week to discuss all things Vintage and to pass on some tips and tricks that she has picked up along the way.

We asked Kelly some questions just to give you an idea of what to expect...

What is it about Vintage that appeals to you?
 It's really the couture element that inspires me the most. So much clothing pre-mass production was tailored to the individual and made from the finest materials available, so it would last for several years or even decades in one woman's wardrobe. I love finding evidence of this hand-tailoring and craftsmanship in antique and vintage pieces, and adding a chapter to the history of beautiful vintage garments by wearing or updating them.

Kelly, you're a modern girl, so how does your vintage aesthetic fit into your modern lifestyle?
You probably couldn't tell just by looking, but I wear at least one vintage piece every day. My wardrobe's a real mix of old and new. For me it's not about the head-to-toe look, but pairing vintage with current trends - a combination of appreciating vintage style while being environmentally-conscious and thrifty.

Vintage can be challenging to wear, particularly as many items are either the wrong size or slightly damaged. Can you describe one triumph over adversity outfit for us, where everything came together in the end?

The thought that all vintage clothing is tiny is a myth  - people were large in earlier eras as well. Some of the best successes I've had are with big sizes I've tailored to fit, such as a drop-waist eighties number with puffy sleeves and sack-like shape: I chopped off the sleeves, created a true waist and disappeared all the horrible eighties embellishment to create a frock which looks truly current (you can see this one on the back of the book Minxy Vintage, with a before photo inside).

Having titled one chapter of your terrifically entertaining memoir A Life in Frocks, A Religious Intervention in the Form of Legwear and another Articulate it with Attire, do you think you can ever take fashion too seriously?
Oh yes. I adore fashion and think it says a lot about us socially, but it's hardly rocket science, is it?

Do you have a fashion motto?

 Be brave! Life's too short to play it safe.

So get frocked up and join us for a glass of champagne and much fashion frivolity this Wednesday 21 April at 7.30pm.  Kelly will be on hand to disperse advice, sewing tips and if asked nicely, might even give away some of her vintage find secrets...
Bookings essential, so call us on 9572 7766 or

Minxy Vintage
Tickets $10, with $5 off "Minxy Vintage" bought on the night.

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