Saturday, 19 May 2012

Video Interview: Barbara Arrowsmith Young

I was so looking forward to meeting Barbara Arrowsmith Young.  I first became aware of Barbara after reading Norman Doidge’s The Brain That Changes Itself.
Barbara was invited to Sydney Writers’ Festival and I jumped at the opportunity and quickly rang her publisher, HarperCollins.
I was delighted when my request for a short interview and some book signings was granted and Barbara came to Shearer’s on Thursday. 
Barbara’s strength is in her understatement of what she has achieved, which makes her feats so much more powerful. I must confess that I “lost it” at the end of the interview.  I was so overcome with her story that I couldn’t speak I had such a huge lump in my throat as I was so affected by her story and her achievements. 
I’m captivated by her book The Woman Who Changed Her Brain and look forward to finishing it this weekend.
What a Woman!                                             -Barbara Horgan

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