Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Interview: Richard Gill

Richard Gill is one of Australia's best-known - and best-loved - musical figures. His career has taken him from teaching music in Sydney's western suburbs to the role of Music Director of the Victorian Opera, and he's been involved with almost every major opera company and orchestra in Australia.  

Richard will be speaking at Shearer's on Wednesday October 31st at 7pm about his love of music and his life's work: from school days to the heights (and lows) of conducting and directing an opera company.  

We asked Richard some questions about his life in music and writing his memoir, Give Me Excess of It.

What was your favourite music as a child?  
My favourite music as a child was the Gregorian Chant and the music of the Mass.   

What did you enjoy most about teaching music - and do you miss it?  
The most enjoyable aspect of teaching music is watching how students uncover musical facts for themselves. I don't miss it as I still teach privately.   

What are the most difficult and the most enjoyable things about conducting?  
Everything about conducting is difficult. Getting to grips with the music properly, for example. The most enjoyable things are when everything is going swimmingly...rarely.   

What's the most important aspect of music to you?  
Its abstractness and its capacity to evoke, suggest and imply.   

What did you enjoy most about writing your memoir?  
When I'd finished. It was actually very cathartic and often very painful. 

Join us for an evening with Richard Gill on Wednesday October 31st at 7pm. Refreshments provided.  Tickets: $10, or $8 for frequent shoppers. Includes $5 off Give Me Excess of It.  Bookings are essential for this event. Purchase your tickets by calling Shearer's on (02) 9572 7766.

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