Thursday, 9 June 2011


Last night at the Inner West Local Business Awards, we received two gongs. We won the Outstanding Specialised Retail Business Award and the big one, Business of the Year.

I personally did not attend the ceremony and simply received a cryptic text from my manager at 10pm saying 'we just beat puppies'. I could have interpreted that in several ways, but remembered that the pet store had been nominated for the Outstanding Specialised Retail Business Award too. Which just goes to show that pasty book nerds in cardigans are just as valuable as cute puppies. (Although my manager did send me that text well after the ceremony had ended....)

After that, we won the big one, Business of the Year. An award we had simply not expected to win. Barbara accepted it and made a speech about the value of bookstores, their importance in the Australian retail landscape and how thankful we are that we have a community that supports us.

We couldn't have done it without the support of our loyal customers and our local community. So a big thanks to all of you who visit us, whether online or in the store. We appreciate it and will continue to work hard to be the best booksellers we can be.

The rather pointy awards will take pride of place in our front window.


  1. Congratulations guys! I'll look forward to seeing the two pointy awards at the "Genre Attacks 2" evening coming up. You do great work generating enthusiasm for books and writing in the community. Well done!

  2. Thanks Zena, we appreciate the comment! Looking forward to seeing you in July!