Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Life by Malcolm Knox - Book Launch

Last night Tony and I were privileged to be invited to the home of Jane Palfreyman, publisher of Malcolm Knox for the launch of Malcolm’s outstanding new novel The Life.

Christos Tsiolkas launched Malcom’s novel and began by apologizing for not speaking “off the cuff” as he felt more secure to read from his notes. Within a few minutes he firmly shut his notebook and launched into a great speech straight from the heart. Christos told the audience that he regarded Malcolm as his mentor and that he felt Malcolm was one of the best novelists writing today. In his eyes The Life was alternately evocative and lacerating, tender and unflinching. It was a gloriously honest, brutal and moving story of a man who was at the top of his game and then pissed it all away. These sentiments are also printed on the back of the novel for all to read.

Malcolm was completely overwhelmed with Christos’ launch speech. He began by thanking Christos for his friendship and support and also acknowledging the support he receives from Wenona his wife.  Wenona’s grandmother recently passed away and Malcolm reflected that the words she never wanted uttered in her presence were “shut up”.  Malcolm told the audience who included the cream of Sydney writers that these two words were often on the mind of all authors when they were in the zone of their latest work. Any comment made by family or friends could be acknowledged in an author's mind as “shut up” don’t mess up my zone of thinking. 

On a cold Sydney night the warmth of comradeship and positiveness encircled the house and we all wished Malcolm’s fourth novel the success it deserves.

Written by Barbara  
 Jane Palfreyman, Malcolm Knox and Christos Tsiolkas. Photo taken by Jane Gleeson-White

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