Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Search for Harry Potter's Biggest Fan

The wonderful people at Bloomsbury have come 
up with a great wayto celebrate the 15th 
anniversary of Harry Potter and the 
Philosopher's Stone's publication:  
they have launched anationwide competition 
to find the biggest Harry Potter fan in 
All you have to do is write a letter of 
50 words or less explaining why you are the 
No. 1 muggle fan of the Harry Potter series. 
Your letter can be as fantastical as you want, 
with photos, drawings or decorations - 
as long as it stays under the 50 word limit. 
You can only send your letter from your participating local 
bookshop - Shearer's will have a specially designed mailbox 
in-store while the competition is running - so when you've 
finished writing your fan mail don't forget to drop by and 
post it.
The competition starts 26 June 2012 and ends 31 July 2012
The winner, announced in September, will receive a very 
special leather-bound, signed, dedicated and numbered 15th 
anniversary edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s 
Stone. The limited number of specially bound anniversary 
editions are exclusive to the competition so you can't buy 
them anywhere else! The winner will also receive a Harry 
Potter Special Edition Boxed Set (value $470)and a Harry 
Potter signature edition audio box (value $800).
Fore more information stay tuned to the Allen & Unwin site or 
visit Shearer's Bookshop. 

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