Monday, 3 December 2012

Staff Picks - Best Books of 2012: Sarah

This Moose Belongs to Me - Oliver Jeffers

Oliver Jeffers is a truly failsafe option for the young and the young at heart, with previous titles such as Lost and Found, How to Catch a Star and Stuck flying off our shelves. It was love at first sight for me and this book, with its enchanting illustrations and fabulously headstrong moose character. This Moose Belongs to Me is a gorgeous tale of a boy and his moose, and in true Jeffers style there are poignant messages about friendship and whether animals can truly to owned behind the brilliant colours and delightful story. Without a doubt, this is my favourite book of 2012.

This is Not My Hat - Jon Klassen

The follow up to I Want My Hat Back, what impresses me most about This is Not My Hat is Klassen's ability to use very few words and some fabulous illustrations to create a surprisingly dark tale based entirely around various oceanlife wanting to wear a hat! The simplicity of this story and its laugh-out-loud ending had me sharing this book with all my (adult) friends. Important life lesson learned: never trust a crab!

Gaysia - Benjamin Law

Benjamin Law provides a new take on gay culture across Asia, and it's quirky, smart and sometimes brutally honest. Law has a way with words, and his exploration of what it's like to identify as gay in countries where it is considered an illness or to not exist at all is as shocking and eye-opening as it is genuinely hilarious. From his visit to the ladyboys of Thailand during one of their world-renowned beauty pageants to the time he spends with a group in China who have found a way to navigate through their country's stifling internet censorship to create a vibrant online gay community, Law shares these people's stories with great humour and compassion. A fantastic, thought-provoking and accessible read.       

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