Saturday, 5 February 2011

It's About Time...

...that we started a blog! That's right, all the stuff you love about Shearer's on Twitter and Facebook is about to spill over into the blogoshpere. Instead of 140 character tweets when I want a cake, I can write a whole article about cake!

We'd like this blog to become something special and we're going to work hard to bring you all the best in news, reviews, interviews, event summaries, guest bloggers, competitions and fun that we can. All brought to you with the trademark passion for books that has made Shearer's a must for Sydney book lovers for two decades.  

Forgive me if I ramble, I'm writing this on the afternoon of Saturday 5th February and it's 40 something degrees outside. The weekends at Shearer's are an interesting time. Lots of people come to the store and there's a very happy vibe to the place. The cafe staff are all working extra hard as people order yummy treats to have while they read their freshly purchased books. The bookshop staff are all working extra hard too.

On Saturday mornings we get the Australian, the Sydney Morning Herald and the Telegraph and flip straight to the book reviews. Then we put all of the reviewed books that we have in stock on a special stand at the front of the store. Customers who then come in and ask for "the book that was reviewed in Spectrum" don't have far to go.

There is also a fair amount of coffee and cake consumed.

The weekends also mean lots of gift wrapping, especially when it comes to the kids books. There are so many birthday parties every weekend that it's hard to keep up! But we have some very talented gift wrappers (I'm not one of them) who can wrap a box set and a picture book in the same package and make it look wonderful (rather than making it look like a huge scrunchy ball of paper - that's me).

More coffee and cake gets consumed by bookshop staff on Saturdays than any other day of the week.

So there's no reason not to visit us on the weekend! Peruse the reviewed books, ask us what we're recommending, get some gifts wrapped and have something refreshing at Froth cafe. And keep checking back here online!

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