Friday, 25 February 2011

Win Lonely Planet Goodness!

Many things happen when you travel. Some involve wonderful moments that you'll never forget. Others involve dysentery. I personally think that the dysentery stories are far more interesting. There's an idea for a travel guide: Around the World in 80 Embarrassing Diseases.

Lonely Planet have recently updated their range of travel guides. Better organised, easier to read, clearer maps and still with their trademark 'tell it like it is' style. Our friends at Lonely Planet have been kind enough to donate a few guidebooks for us to give away on our blog. All you have to do to win one is send us your worst travel story! Tell us about that time when you really needed a Lonely Planet guide! Email your entry to Entries should be 100 words or less, and the winner will be decided by the Shearer's staff. The winner will be announced on this blog in two weeks, on Friday 11th March 2011.

The winner and runner up will receive a wonderful prize courtesy of Lonely Planet.

The Travel Book Premium Edition. The Travel Book is an amazing book that takes you on a journey to every country on Earth. Beautifully photographed with information on every country, it features over 229 destinations. The Premium Edition comes with:
  • A cloth-look case with gold foil lettering and a magnetic closure 
  • A photo quality mini-poster chosen from the stunning range of images in the book
  • A special reprint of the original Lonely Planet publication - the handmade Across Asia on the Cheap, the first Lonely Planet guidebook
  • A personalised letter from Lonely Planet's co-founder, Tony Wheeler
The runner up will be able to choose any Lonely Planet guidebook they like from the new range of updated titles (Including Bali, Bhutan, Canada, Croatia, England, France, Portugal, Scotland, Taiwan, Tibet or Turkey).

And just to kick things off, here's my entry! (Don't worry, the competition isn't corrupt and I can't win!)

Athens. After the rail trip across Italy, the overnight ferry and the bus ride to the city centre, we endured taxi drivers not wanting to take us to the hotel because they were 'waiting for a better fare'. We arrived at the hotel to find that our private bathroom wasn't private and that a cat had been locked in the room for 12 hours and was living on the pillows. Later that evening we got caught up in a police operation to arrest prostitutes. I wish I'd had a Lonely Planet guide so I could have chosen a better hotel!

I look forward to reading all your stories!

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  1. Travelling on a train from Tangiers to Fez in Morocco with an American companion, we had a well dressed, well spoken local join our carriage. He charmed us with his warm welcome and stories about his Aussie and American friends. He showed us photos of his lovely wife and kids. He then made a tempting offer "Why don't you join my family for my cousin's wedding today. You will be our guests of honour! We need to get at a stop between here and Fez and you will get to experience real Morocco". My friend was almost frothing at this proposal, but my sixth sense warned me and I declined with a bogus excuse we were meeting friends. After declining (he tried really hard) he abruptly left our carriage. My friend was shattered until I opened my trusted Lonely Planet and read aloud a highlighted section of "Warning for Train Travellors.... a well dressed, well spoken man...." It didn't say what would've actually happened if we had gotten out of the train with our "local friend", but thank goodness it was in black and white as my companion was about to find this man to say that he was interested in coming!!!