Wednesday, 27 July 2011

When Genres Attack 2: Attack of the 50ft Heroine

On July 13 (apparently one of the coldest July nights in over 8 years), a group of very brave audience members came out to Shearer's Bookshop to attend our second When Genres Attack event. The first event in May looked at genre and the divide between it and literature. When Genres Attack 2 looked at the role of gender in genre, literature, awards and canvassed many other topics. The panel consisted of Kirsten Tranter (The Legacy), Georgia Blain (Too Close to Home), P.M. Newton (The Old School) and Mardi McConnochie (The Voyagers).

If you're interested in a closer look at what was discussed and some of the issued raised, there are several very good summaries of the event on Overland, Zena Shapter's Blog and the When Genres Attack blog
(L-R) Mark Harding from Shearer's, Mardi McConnochie, PM Newton, Georgia Blain, Kirsten Tranter

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