Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A Brief Chat With James Gleick

James Gleick is the bestselling author of Chaos and The Information. He is in Sydney for the 2011 Sydney Writers' Festival.

What are you currently reading?
Other People's Money by Justin Cartwright.

Which book from your bookshelf at home is your most treasured and why?
Too hard! Complete Shakespeare? Honestly I'm not even halfway through. All of Updike's fiction?

How could you best describe your latest book, The Information?
The story of information becoming aware of itself.

What should people expect from your closing address 'Perish the Thought' at the Sydney Writers' Festival?
My task is to predict whether the book is on its last legs or will survive into a glorious future. I don't want to give away the answer - but you might take a guess. Here I am in this fabulous store, after all.

What are you working on next?
Don't know yet. Starting to feel guilty. 

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